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Katia Romanoff, PhD, Public Speaker on the Divine Feminine.

Katia would love to come show one of her multi-media presentations to your group!


•God Has a Wife! The Sacred Feminine in Judeo-Christianity, Islam, and around the world
    Mary, Sophia, Shekinah, Allat (Allah's wife!), Shakti, Asherah, Magdalene, etc...

...And God-ess has a husband. An exciting multi-media presentation examining the evidence for the Divine Feminine in the Bible and throughout the world. There are exciting and easy ways to let Her express Herself instantly thru YOU!

We'll revel in gorgeous pictures of Her, discover hidden clues in art, scripture and even popular music, that reveal this awesome Bride -- veiled for so many centuries. She is ready to cast off her bridal veils and become conscious through each of us. You can actualize Mrs. God in your everyday life!

See our Order of Divine Mother and  Order of Mary Magdala

•Encountering Mary Magdalene
...and practicing the presence of God-ess.

      A long ignored Female Trinity exists at the heart of Christianity. Mary is our God-the-Mother, Mary Magdalene is God-the-Daughter, and Sophia is the Holy Soul/Spirit. We will view tantalizing artist renditions of these Female Trinity members, cracking the symbols which show them clearly as our Christian goddesses. Mary Magdalene deserves our special attention, as she is co-Redeemer, High-Queen and Bride just as Yeshua is King of Kings and Bridegroom. We will encounter her using all five senses. Feel the amazing warmth of the substance alabaster as we pass around a jar from the holy land made of this marble like stone. Breathe in the spikenard and even anoint yourself with it. Taste the Israeli sweetwine, olives and flatbread Magdalene and her Beloved ate. Come experience scrumptious images of her and lose yourself in the haunting musical slideshow finale, "Mary Magdalene - You Are Our Queen," after which we will actually invoke Magdalene in a short but powerful guided journey. She can come to each of us at some level of awareness; Katia will help you interpret what symbols you "see" and sense during this encounter.

•Exploring the Mysteries in the DaVinci Code

•Magdalene to Live By: Esoteric Christian Techniques to Enhance Your Link to the Divine

•Plant a God & Goddess Church!  How to Start your own Alternative Christian Church, honoring the Sacred Union of God-the-Father & God-the-Mother, the Holy Son and Sacred Daughter. Non-profit & IRS tax exemption explained

How to get your congregation going full steam (if you build it they will come!), sermons that rock, legal stuff, money stuff, getting grants, etc.

Katia would love to come make a presentation to your group!

Email Katia
See Katia in action

Photo taken by Maureen Murphy.

Left to right; Joan Norton, Margaret Starbird, Katia Romanoff
Left to right: Joan Norton, Margaret Starbird, Katia Romanoff in Hollywood, 2006





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