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Ordaining People of All Faiths since 1987

NEW YEAR, NEW CAREER for you in Spirituality?

Are You Called to serve others in TIME OF CRISIS? Have you been asked to officiate a wedding?

Become a member of the ordained clergy

Get ordination as a Minister, Rabbi, Pastor, Reverend, Priest and legally officiate marriages, give spiritual counseling, healings, intuitive readings, and all other clergy services.
Legally accept donations for your services, start a spiritual counseling practice, file taxes as clergy member, apply for tax exempt non-profit status 501c3.

  • Become an Ordained Minister affordably ($150) and quickly
    Custom design your own clergy title based on the work you do.
  • We ordain all callings, non-denominational, Interfaith, Pastor, Rabbi
  • Enhance your pastoral spiritual counseling or healing practice with legal clergy credentials. Found a church or temple. Become a hospital chaplain, start a Wedding Chapel
  • Ordination is FREE if you pursue a religious Doctorate Degree via our online study programs. Doctor of Divinity, Doctor of Theology (Th.D.), Ministry, and other religious doctorate degrees available for sincere spiritual leaders, researchers, private scholars, enabling you to legally attach Dr., ThD, Ph.D., D.Min., D.Div. or D.D. to your name.
    Doctor of Sacred Music for those in music ministry
  • Online Ph.D. Programs: Ph.D. in Religion, Metaphysics, PhD in Pastoral Counseling, Religious Studies, or other religious Ph.D. to suit your work
  • See some of our many Alumni & Ordained Ministers

Get Ordained to Perform a Marriage

With minister credentials from us you may perform a wedding in all 50 states. Instantly attach Reverend (Rev.) to your name, Letter of Good Standing always available when needed. Founding Church Charter available.

Demand is high for alternative clergy. Spiritual leaders, teachers, ministers and counselors are needed in every county of every state. Is it time for you to answer the "Call" to ordination?

Online Ordination: How it Works

Technically you cannot receive ordination "online" because ordination takes place in the spiritual realm when you answer the Call.

The ordaining process is simple, just complete these 3 easy steps.

Legally officiate a wedding the next day, depending on your state.

Some states such as Virginia, Hawaii, Massachusetts and cities like New York City and Washington D.C., do require extra paperwork, but we help you with all that.

Unlike other minister license and ordination websites online, we charge NO annual renewal fees. Your one-time ordination donation of only $150 is good for your life-time. Your Certificate of Ordination is signed by a live person, not printed out by you on your home printer as the cheapie online ordination sites do! We also provide lifetime reference service, assistance filling out marriage license and any other clergy paperwork. Some ministers call us (or text!) on the wedding day so we walk them through filling out the marriage license.

Online Minister Support & Advice

We have a vast alumni support forum. We have ordained many professionals, doctors, nurses and attorneys over the years and many of them participate in our members only forum where you can ask questions, get advice and assistance from veteran clergy -- or search the over 13+ years of message archives in the alumni support forum.

We have been ordaining ministers since 1987. Our alumni have successfully performed marriages in all fifty states and many countries around the world. Our alumni network is very supportive, giving advice on everything from weddings to funerals to founding non-profit pastoral counseling healing centers.

Legally Perform a Wedding, Officiate a Marriage in

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky
Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi
Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming Washington D.C. New York City

With credentials from us you can officiate marriages in ALL 50 States. Click here for individual state laws for clergy if you're curious

Get ordained to perform a marriage / wedding - we do all the legal paperwork

Newly ordained ministers & rabbis - Be sure to join the online alumni forum

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Dr. Lauri, one of our alumni & ministers, appears often on TV shows like Dr. Oz, The View, CNN, etc

Religion & Ministry are among the Top Ten Recession-Proof Careers




Become Ordained to officiate a marriage Get ordained today, perform / officiate a wedding tomorrow
We do all the legal ordination paperwork and on the day of the wedding will even help you fill out the clergy portion of the marriage license

Become a wedding officiant today

Our ordained clergy, ministers, Rabbis, chaplains and priests are officiating marriages and ministering to people all over the country, all over the world

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