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Isis, Child of Earth & Sky
by Jonathon Bowser

and welcome to the Holy Presence
of Our Lady

The Order of the Divine Mother is an order of clergy based in the mystical practice of rosary magik combined with our dedication to the service of the ministry that Yeshua began when he came to earth. The esoteric Kristian Way has continued that ministry to this day, and our Order aims to keep the Divine Mother in humanity's hearts and minds, and to get her message(s) out. Part of our work involves receiving and interpreting her messages for her children everywhere. We do this according to New Testament guidelines, such as those found in Paul's writings regarding the "gifts of the Spirit," describing the "rules" receiving and interpreting of divine messages and prophecies.

The Order of the Divine Mother looks at Mary's earthly life, Mary as Queen-Mother of Heaven, Mary as Servant of the Ministry, and of course Mary as one of the most powerful high priestesses / wisewomen of all time.

moonDuring our time working with the magikal aspects of the Divine Mother, we will focus on rosary magik and Egyptian magik (which the Blessed Mother Herself very likely acquired knowledge of during the extended stay in Egypt), working to use these tools as ways to further the ministry and its mission.

I thank you for taking the time to read this message, and encourage you to live in the Divine Mother, Her Son, and His Wife, forever. Peace be with you.

~ Rev. Mark James, Nisut/High Priest of the Order of the Divine Mother

"God gathered up all the waters and called them seas (maria) ... When God gathered up all His graces, He called her Mary (Maria)."

In our Order of the Divine Mother, one of the things we explore is the Egyptian connection between Mary and Isis and the correlation between Judeo-Christianity and ancient Egyptian religion.


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