2 Required Books for KnightsTemplar & Daughters of Tsion

The Warriors and the Bankers  A History of the Knights Templar from 1307 to the Present  by Alan Butler and Stephen Dafoe. This is not merely "More of the same" regarding the myths and legends of Templar Survival, because Butler and Dafoe take a completely fresh look at what the Templars were, not only in religious but also in political and economic terms. The result has been a series of insights that most readers interested in this medieval monastic fighting order, will find to be breathtaking in their implications.  The ultimate conclusion is that the Templars did survive, virtually intact, and that, in a very direct sense, they may still be one of the most potent forces at work in the world at the start of the new Millennium.

The Warriors and the Bankers at Amazon.com
by Alan Butler and Stephen Dafoe

Also available from Amazon UK

Available thru the UK publisher
, LodgeRoomUK
The prices are in British pounds sterling but it will take any currency, says Bill, the publisher. He also says if you have trouble with ordering or payment, email him here.

The Knights Templar Revealed, formerly titled The Templar Continuum by Alan Butler and Stephen Dafoe
Where did these mysterious white mantled Knights of Christ come from? Behind the Knights Templar lay a belief pattern almost as old as humanity and a heritage that was already ancient before recorded history began. The story is both fascinating and compulsive. It will leave the reader in no doubt as to the true intentions of the Knights Templar, or of the shadowy but immensely influential organization that brought them into being.

The Knights Templar Revealed, formerly titled, Templar Continuum
by Alan Butler and Stephen Dafoe

This book is now a new edition with lots of cool extras including photos taken by the authors of sacred Templar sites. Available through author Stephen Dafoe's website.

Used and New copies available from Amazon.com

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Available for immediate shipment to our ordained ministers and alumni, An Interfaith Minister's Manual by Angela Plum is a collection of ceremonies, services, rituals, prayers, and vital information from the world's major religions in this beautiful hardback manual stamped in gold-foil lettering.

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Item: ETS Min Manual/Plum
Hardback, Interfaith Minister's Manual by Angela Plum -- White
Price: US$31.00
(includes shipping)

Pay for a revealing Tarot or Angel Reading by Rev. Cindy

Item Number:  Tarot Reading
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Description: Tarot or Angel Card Reading by Tarot Mistress Lady Electa, aka Rev. Cindy
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